Edinburgh Cat Sitting – Cat Home Care

Cat Home Care cat sitting service is for you & your cats when you’re not at home.

The cat sitting service I provide is dedicated to cats providing the care, attention & routine your cat expects when you’re not there.

Care for your cats at home ensures as little disruption to their routine as possible when you are away. On your return it’s simply back to normal!

Cat Home Care was established in 2009 when I left my professional Social work career to work with & care for cats full time. At home, cats have always played a major role in family life. Their health & wellbeing has always been paramount. I use this standard when working with & caring for cats in the cat sitting service provided.


Cat Home Care

Tel: 0131 332 8564

Mobile: 07867656146

Email: norma@cathomecare.co.uk

Cat Home Care cat sitter service in Edinburgh is for you & your cats when you’re not at home.